ABACUS is a unique and scientifically-proven mental development programme designed for children to develop their latent mental power at a very early age when brain development is reaching its peak.

“We want what is the BEST for our children !”
Many parents agreed

Mental arithmetic is defined as solving mathematical problems, regardless of complexity, using only the brain. What initially seems impossible, or even savant becomes a reality with our innovative training courses!

We highly recommend this course to children, especially those aged 5-12 years, because studies show that 75% of the brain develops during this time. The brain is also considered highly pliable and responsive to guidance at this time. Our exciting classes and energetic instructors ensure that our learners have fun as they learn!

Why should we learn Abacus?

  • Improves self–confidence & discipline
  • Increases concentration & focus
  • Builds visual memory & multitasking ability
  • Expands span of attention & retention capability
  • Overall academic achievement & proficiency in math
  • Enhances visual and auditory memory

Let’s spark Creativity

Help your children realize their true potential with Abacus, a unique skill development program

Our six fingers abacus technique help to enhance the 8 multiple intelligence in children. Constant stimulation of the 10 acupressure points at the fingertips( Nerve End Points) directly activates specific lobes of the brain related to multiple intelligence. Abacus has constantly innovated and pioneered in the field of Abacus Education & consistently maintained the world’s No#1 choice of Brain Development Program among parents and children for more than two decades.
Age Group: 5yrs -13yrs