Rise N shine is one of the oldest Abacus centres in UAE since 2004 . We are located in the heart of Sharjah widely known as ‘The Cultural Capital of the Arab World ’. The journey has been deeply fulfilling as we have grown to see so many children, from different cultures, meet here for a common purpose-to test their speed and accuracy. Our carefully structed competitive platforms helps bring our wards together benifitting each of them socialise and in turning us into a one big happy family .With its operation in 52 countries, Abacus since its inception,has trained more than a million students worldwide and about 25000 students across 36 centres in the United Arab Emirates.

What can the Rise N shine in Sharjah offer Your Child?
The answer is a number of benefits which includes:
• Internationally recognized courses.
• Child-centered programmes.
• Value-based education.
• A custom built center.
• Extensive extra-curricular program to develop personality and character.
• Well experienced and Dedicated staff.
“Great teachers inspire great students”
• A friendly and happy atmosphere.
• Quality Standards – Highly trained and qualified teachers, all creating educational excellence.
• The Right Tools – A world of resources and tools at their fingertips.
• Career Pathways – Rewarding opportunities that can take our students and teachers anywhere.
• Global Outlook – A vibrant community of professionals connected in 52 countries
• Pioneering People – Engaged teaching professionals with new ideas and knowledge.